Industrial Supply Syndicate

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

We provide Digital Storage Oscilloscope which is a highly advanced scientific instrument. Our Digital Storage Oscilloscope comes with Multilanguage support that makes it very easy to use. Additional qualities include completely digitized display, protective outer cover and correct measurements.

  • 40-100M bandwidth
  • Dual channels storage
  • High speed screen update
  • 5 automatic measurements
  • Manual cursor measurement
  • Large memory up to 6Kb/CH
  • 250M S/s real-time sample rate on each
  • 4 waveforms and setup parameters saved
  • 250M real-time sample rate for each channel
  • Convenient inserting interface card for RS-232C
  • Hardcopy and USB; 400V (DC+AV peak) max input power

  • Telecom sector
  • Power industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Disk drive analysis
  • Computer industry
  • Engineering industry
Standard Accessories
  • Passive Probe
  • Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Driver CD
  • 350 x 157 x 120mm


Band Width25 MHz
Y Deflection5mV-5V/div
Max Input300V (PK-PK) CAT II
Sweep ModeNormal, Peak detect, Averaging
Sweep Rate100/MS/s
Min Sync.LevelTrig DC ~ 25M
Ext. 100mV (DC ~ 20M)
Ext. 500mV (DC ~ 20M)